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  "Don Quixote" is an interesting book, a Spanish king in the Palace balcony to see a student while reading, laughed that the student must be watching "Don Quixote", otherwise it is a madman. Sure enough, the guy is in the watch hall Quixote.

  This book is a classic, but it is best not to take it seriously look at, because this book in a period of time after the publication of his books belong to the stall, the value was also supposed to be merely "laugh" (Cervantes is a gifted scholar have neither learning nor skill, however, he is Spanish the most amusing writer at that time, regardless of language -) have been what evaluation, this book is really very funny, when I wrote this book could not help but laugh. This book is a lively speech, it seems that every word is handy and very appropriate, but not so precise, and even the plot are very casual connection so, many loopholes, but this It does not affect the appeal of the whole book. It has a vitality from the folk. If you joke with a bunch of simple country folk, you can feel the warm, natural vitality

  Author Cervantes is the low level social role, he is a disabled sergeant, captured as slaves, which led the brothers to escape, was caught back. After being redeemed writing did not let him as pour as a church mouse, out of poverty, but also because of an accident sitting a few back to prison.. finally died of edema. After his death, people also do not know his exact burial place.

  Don Quixote, a country gentleman, read the knight novel into a fan, wanted to put all kinds of behavior in the book of knights into reality, in order to lure him, actually said to his servant Sancho neighbor, so, a madman and a fool, began the "great messenger".

  In the adventure, and talk to people, as long as it does not involve the knight, Don Quixote mind clear and insightful, he had a firm belief, noble moral character, called the Knight model, he bent on the pursuit of justice, and the imaginary enemy "combat" without fear, even life are not, he insists that he should support the weak, but in fact, he often give others trouble. He defended the pure and faithful, never regret persevering opinionated love, which he called the "lover" was a big girl, don't know him. He lives in the world of imagination, experienced setbacks without regret, think that this is just the magician tricks ", also continue to mulberry Qiu - Knight always cheer all kinds of hardships, to accomplish the valiant record.

  While Sancho? He is only see the immediate benefits for their own farmers, because Don Quixote promised to give him the benefits, he didn't go as a slave, he is content to eat to enjoy, to Don Quixote's fantasies constantly exposed, for his poor life full of complaints. "The eagle flying high in the sky, than don't run the hen." he with common sense to deal with the problem, when the governor was good, of course, later he felt tired, don't want to be.

  And the two person adventure, like "journey to the west" in the Tang four adventures, but the former is the real world as the background of the absurd, the latter is the myth of the world as the background of the struggle. This is reminiscent of another faith, faith is far away, such as the lights in the distance. But in front of the world limited to, experience is emotional, shallow and may be "normal", Sancho is a no reason, only know to enjoy the fool, and the two of them seemingly contradictory, actually inseparable. Don Quixote ideal is ridiculous, but who can laugh at him if a person has? Make him excited ideal and faith, than fame Ji Kede's Paladin dream is more real, more brilliant? If not, want to do Sancho, satisfied with the immediate happiness, and who is willing to do so?


  For people at the mouth of the "Red Rock", I have been holding a kind of awe mentality to face, every time the page read, carefully read a picture on the cover. "Our flag dyed with blood" this sentence, my heart is boiling.

  < > Hongyan described the numerous revolutionary martyrs: death into gang Linweibuju, Xu Yunfeng: British by fighting the enemy, self sacrifice: Jiang Jie suffered torture, but never fear: Liu Siyang was born in a rich family to participate in the revolution, the heroic spirit of sacrifice we admire. Although many heroes, but touched me the most is Jiang Jie, the image of her deeply set up in my heart. No matter how the enemy tortured, Jiang Jie's teeth, not to disclose any secrets of the party. No matter how the enemy tortured her, she is strong enough to say: "the bamboo label is made of bamboo, the Communist party will use is made of steel." this sentence makes me firmly believe that wins Lee always belongs to us!

  Hongyan spirit is like a red flag, inspired generations of young blood for the ideals and beliefs of the endless struggle. How many Chinese and revolutionary fighters in the bright flag, through hardships, transformation of our great motherland rivers. Years of revolutionary predecessors will hope the seed upon the earth, the blooming of the a piece of brilliant red.

  The Red Army General in fulfillment of their party heart sincere dedication of a lifetime commitment to their selfless dedication, his fate with great ideals tied together, dedication to the cause of revolution and even the lives of youth without regret.

  Countless Communists fought fearless of death for a just cause, to defend the dignity and confidential, with the armed struggle, a heavy blow to the arrogance of the reactionary enemies, it is their efforts, only today's thriving and prosperous and peaceful!

  < red rock > tells us that without the Communist Party there would be no new china!

  China is the leadership of the Communist Party of the people from the The people are destitute. feudal to a China, people as the new Chinese; Party led the people in a blue sky in the suffering, the hope of the nation to reproduce in the East, to People's Republic of China to stand tall.

  This sincere and brave red crag spirit is worth learning by every one of us. Red crag, the flag which is red with blood, will always fly in my heart and lead me in the front


  Drugs, the root of the devil, it does not forgive not make many people committed heinous deeds, also don't know how happy family apart, push the many people happy. It's a devil, drugs, and ultimately better camouflage is a devil, therefore, cannot remember it!

  In the rampant crime online drug co-ca-ine addiction, see the sight of death than life. The scenes in the rehabilitation, let me just a deep-seated heart are about. However, the likelihood is my life with drugs, which basically, not seen in drug, no contact with the people, even drug-related haven't mentioned drugs. Let me. Every time I saw on TV, Internet, and in many day watching the anti-drug publicity, feel somewhat make a mountain out of a molehill. www.oh100.com nets, your composition xiao-he can also contribute

  "Drug" this noun in daily life, I have heard familiar, but, what kinds of drugs? The people of what? I don't know, until you look online, I realized that the knowledge about many drugs. I know the main types of drugs, marijuana, opium, methamphetamine remote head shot, wait for heroin impresses me most is that some drug addiction for others to attack or damage of himself. www.oh100.com nets, your composition xiao-he can also contribute

  How big is the drug of harm! Drugs also make family fragmented. Since drugs so big, why would anyone willing to approach drugs? Because of the temptation of poison people really big? I think not, I think they know little of drugs, others of their busineto their drugs produced curiosity, or the pressure of the life that they had a drug dependence mental that drug can make oneself live easier. Society should strengthen the education of youth drug abuse, make them on drugs have a deeper understanding.

  Often the place of drugs, perhaps when, his bad mood or accidental circumstances, also can become victims of drugs. So, want to see this article for all the young people, JieShenZiHao, away from drugs, cherish life. Because love your parents and relatives, friends don't hope you have any mishap.

  Meet the setbacks and honed life, friends and family are your support. Just like the long march on the way, you can stop tree, hut. Through this a flowery puzzled swamp, you will see, the so-called fashionable and trendy, stimulation, but some people for ulterior motives and the devil of productions.

  With this, and told all the young people, love life, away from drugs.

  Drugs, the root of the devil, it does not forgive not make many people committed heinous deeds, also don't know how happy family apart, push the many people happy.

  It's a devil, drugs, and ultimately better camouflage is a devil, therefore, cannot remember it!

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